Color Blends- You can create just about any color with the correct color combinations- See below.

  Tip: Deep colors should always be mixed 24 hours in advance  to get the maximum color.

Ruby Red— 1 drop of Christmas red to a touch of black.

Copper-1 drop of golden yellow plus 1 drop of brown plus 5 drops of Christmas red.

Plum– 1 drop of violet plus a touch of Christmas red.

Jade– 1 drop of leaf green, plus 1 drop of royal blue plus a touch of black.

Gold– 10 drops of lemon yellow, plus 3 drops of sunset orange, plus 1 drop of Christmas red.

Coral– 3 drops of dusty rose and 2 drops of lemon yellow.

Grape– 6 drops of Baker’s rose and 1 drop of sky blue

More to come……………….

We offer liquid, aerosol and paste colors.

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